Rations Analysis Financial Accounting

Rations Analysis Financial Accounting All the calculations are done just need to analysis and compare.
Use a selection of ten appropriate accounting ratios (you must choose the ratios) plus any other relevant data to evaluate the relative performance and financial status of the two companies.

Rations Analysis Financial Accounting
Rations Analysis Financial Accounting

The comparison should be made from the viewpoints of the companies’ key stakeholders (management, investors and lenders). You may use ratios published within the annual reports plus ratios calculated yourself (the workings for which should be shown in an appendix). The comparison must be year on year for each company plus a comparison of both companies.
This part of the report must give evidence of your understanding of the interpretation of your chosen ratios and the data you are using. Keep the number of chosen ratios to a the suggested and manageable number – quality is more important than quantity.

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