Recursion Control Structures Decisions and Loops

Recursion Control Structures Decisions and Loops One of the most useful features of any programming language is recursion and control structures, decisions and loops.

Recursion Control Structures Decisions and Loops
Recursion Control Structures Decisions and Loops

Recursion and loop structures allow programs to repeat actions without duplicating code. This console application focuses on your understanding of object-oriented programming, control structures, and arrays. Create an application that manipulates a billboard sign. Use the following guidelines: Main Program: The main program must create an object of Billboard class (see below for details). The main program must include a menu to allow a user to select a function of the Billboard object. The menu must repeat (using a loop) until the user exits the program. The application must exit upon user request. Billboard Class: The program must include a Billboard class (separate from the main program class) that is able to store and display the text for the completed Billboard advertisement. The Billboard class must include variables for data input. The Billboard class must allow the user to define a custom message. The Billboard class must include 3-4 predefined messages that can be set as the message in the billboard. Add one method of your choice that can be used to manipulate the message in some way, such as reversing the text or capitalizing the letters. Completion Tasks: Use comments in your code to demonstrate your understanding of each statement. Make sure the program runs correctly before submission. (Your instructor is here to help!) ZIP your project folder and submit the file to the portal for grading. (There is no Word document for this assignment.)

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