Reducing obesity in Scotland Essay

Reducing obesity in Scotland
Reducing obesity in Scotland

Reducing obesity in Scotland

Please choose ONE of the following topics and discuss how it may impact on the health of individuals, and the subsequent delivery of health and social care
within a community setting.
Reducing Obesity
Reducing Alcohol Misuse

General Guidance:
Learning outcomes (LO) ; Suggested wordage weighting (%) to each outcome:
Assignments are designed to ensure that students have demonstrated that they have met the learning outcomes for the module. It is therefore essential that you consider these in the context of your chosen topic when writing your essay.

  • Describe the dimensions of health across the lifespan. (10%)
  • Identify the determinants of health across the lifespan. (25%)
  • Recognize and describe the factors influencing the delivery of health and social care. (25%)
  • Discuss the concept of healthcare delivery in the context of partnership working, and service user and carer engagement. (20%)
  • Identify and discuss health improvement and health promotion strategies based on local, national and international targets. (20%)in Scotland

Suggested Assignment Structure:

  • Introduction; Provide an overview of the proposed essay
  • Main Body: Sections which explore your topic area in the context of the five learning outcomes.
    You may use sub-headings if you wish.
    Consider the verbs used at the start of each learning outcome. Consider the suggested word weighting.
  • Conclusion – Summarise main points of the assignment

Things to think about:

The topic gives you a focus to apply what you have learned in the module to a public health priority.

What are the dimensions of health and how might the topic area chosen relate to one or more of these dimensions ? why is it important? Why might people undertake the behaviour(s) and what might be the effects of doing so across the lifespan (determinants – causes and effects)? What factors might need to be taken into account when delivering health & social services to address the topic? What services, health improvement and health promotion strategies are in place to address the issue?

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