Advance Radiological Practice module

Advance Radiological Practice
Advance Radiological Practice

Reflective report on learning experiences through the Advance Radiological Practice module

Please follow these comments:
1 – Attached sample is good but needs change = Summative assessment on the ARRP1 module will be based on your portfolio of evidence of learning which must include sections relating to: Learning styles and advanced communication skills.
2- Students are required to identify goals and performance indicators relating to learning styles, advanced communication skills, masters level study skillsnalong with at least two further goals relating to their chosen topic area of interest:
1- Kidney calculi (stone): not focus completely on the kidney stone but how to learn during this case. At the sample use AAA (Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm) but
here Kidney stone (calculi).
2- How to learn critically reviewing the literature relating to design poster. At the sample use critically reviewing the literature relating to the (AAA
screening topic). But here learn critically reviewing the literature relating to design poster.
I highlight at the sample the previous student work as well as here highlighted to be changed the reflection to: Kidney stone (calculi) and critically
reviewing the literature relating to design poster.
Please all with appendices for example kidney stone images and figures how to learn poster design etc. and 30 references using Harvard Styles.

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