Reflective Paper on Sexual Violence

Reflective Paper on Sexual Violence The purpose of these reflection papers is twofold: First, they are a way for you to engage with particular aspects of the topic that interest or concern you.

Reflective Paper on Sexual Violence
Reflective Paper on Sexual Violence

This might, for example, be something you agree (or disagree with); how something raised in the text(s), in class, or in the speaker’s presentation resonates with your life; questions you have, or some combination of these. Second, through these papers, you will synthesize your takeaway from the speaker/movie with the related readings and class discussion. These entries should be critical, and probing. While some background context might be necessary, your job is not to summarize or describe what the readings say. Rather, I am looking for a deeper engagement – for you to synthesize, analyze, and reflect on the issue at hand.
Normally, these papers will focus around a particular theme: victim remedies, children as a special victim group, victimhood/agency (through our sex work case) and making sense of how we understand victimhood in relation to child soldiers. You will then be expected to integrate relevant notes and references to our readings.

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