Relations in Canada and America Realism and Liberalism

Relations in Canada and America Realism and Liberalism Relations between Canada and America using paradigms like realism and liberalism comparing them an analysis of an international relations hot topic of your choice,

Relations in Canada and America Realism and Liberalism
Relations in Canada and America Realism and Liberalism

culled from a reputable source, such as a journal (the Economist), newspaper (New York Times), or a website (good candidates would be university-affiliated websites, not Wikipedia), which examines U.S. foreign relations with a selected country, viewed through the lens of one or more (of your choice) of the theoretical paradigms (models) discussed in the first few weeks of class. In addition to analyzing the chosen conflict based upon your preferred paradigm, and its probable outcome(s), I would like to see you give some serious consideration to the consequences (intended as well as unintended, and beneficial or disadvantageous) which might have come, or came from following the paradigm that you chose to apply. (In light of essay disasters past, I do want to give a bit of advice here. First of all, make sure that your topic covers one (not several) countries of your choice, and not an international organization or an NGO. Please make sure the topic chosen does have some clear international relations aspects or issues of importance linked specifically to the United States. Countries with which the U.S. has not maintained, or do not have any kind of official diplomatic relations would not be a good choice for this essay. This does not mean that you have to take the United States’ side on an issue or relationship if what we did clearly does not mesh with international law or your opinion thereof. Also, please steer clear of civil wars, revolutions, terrorist organizations, and genocide, whether or not the US was involved legally or otherwise, as these events are not usually classified as international, but rather internal or domestic, and hence not under the purview of this course. Your instructor is aware that this somewhat limits your choice of ìfunî disasters/problems/hot-button topics, but should improve your chances of getting a decent grade on this assignment.)

Relations in Canada and America Realism and Liberalism

I realize that this is an exercise in applied guesswork, and you can in no way be held accountable for the outcome(s) or consequences, but the real interest in this exercise is to see how you evaluate and deal with the consequences that would most probably flow from the paradigm chosen.

Short-, and long-term-, and of course unintended consequences are important and are too often overlooked by our own foreign policy decision- makers.

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