Resource Management Plan Integrated Consumer Circuit

Resource Management Plan Integrated Consumer Circuit How to get to this coursework as follows: enter next page go to log in enter my ID is d03519448 password is 234Corndog enter go down and on left side  of page click on MGMT 404 at when it comes up top left page under course home click on course project when page comes up go down until you see week 6 you will see RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PLAN and you will see all these instruction I put on here: Resource Management Plan And for your information the name of my project is (integrated consumer circuit) there is a template for this assignment all information is to fill out on the template I will upload it to you.

Image result for Resource Management Plan Integrated Consumer Circuit
Image result for Resource Management Plan Integrated Consumer Circuit

A project plan cannot be considered complete until the resources have been assigned (including the bottom-up cost estimate) and leveled, ensuring that the resources are available to complete the work.

Image result for Resource Management Plan Integrated Consumer Circuit Tasks

1. Assign resources to tasks.
2. Print out the resource sheet.
3. Identify resources that are over-allocated.
4.Print the Gantt chart and entry table.
5.Print reports (or tables) showing the costs of the resources and the cost by work package. Is this an acceptable cost for your project? That is, is it
within the budget proposed in the scope statement?
6.Level the project within available slack.
7.Print the new entry table (do not include the Gantt chart).
8. Identify resources that remain over-allocated.
9.If resources are still over-allocated, clear leveling and then re-level without the slack constraint.
10. Identify how this has affected the project duration (the number of days and the new completion date).
11. Assume that no other resources are available. What will your team do to complete the project on time? Instead of assigning overtime, add a new resource for a cost 1.5 times the normal labor cost. What is the cost of the additional resource and the total project? Is this revised cost within the amount
developed in the scope statement? If you choose not to add a resource, your project completion may be delayed. Is a delay in the project due date acceptable?
Why or why not? Submit supporting documentation from MS Project as needed.

Resource Management Plan Integrated Consumer Circuit Deliverables

  1. A journal of project activity. Describe what you did on each step and the results of your actions.
    2. MS Project printouts (as above). Please indicate on the printouts which step they support.
    3.Final time and cost results. Describe how these meet the needs as defined in the scope statement. If your team believes that the original scope statement
    needs to change, describe the changes, why the changes were necessary, and include the modified scope statement in the deliverables.
    4. Include a copy of your original (and revised, if necessary) scope statement with the deliverables.
    5. If working in a team, including a statement of participation, describing how each person contributed to this project deliverable. Please have each person sign the statement.

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