Restorative Justice for Aboriginal People

Restorative Justice for Aboriginal People Description: write a critical essay of no fewer than 8, double-spaced pages.

Restorative Justice for Aboriginal People
Restorative Justice for Aboriginal People

Essays should include references to at least 6 academic sources external to the course outline. Students should present and defend a clearly-defined thesis statement.
The final research paper should be a no less than 8 pages (and no more than 10 pages) in length, including references but not including attached appendices/bibliography. You must use a minimum of 6 references to academic materials (peer-reviewed academic articles, official government reports, reports of international organizations such as the UN). You may also use reputable, supplementary references (i.e. credible media sources) but these WILL NOT COUNT towards the aforementioned minimum 6 sources required. These references must be consulted in a substantive way – i.e., they must make a theoretical or empirical contribution to your essay.
TOPIC: Restorative Justice and Aboriginal Peoples in Criminal Law: Restorative justice stands as one of the core principles of sentencing in Canada. Identify the core features of this model and the unique ways in which it applies to Aboriginal offenders. In particular, select and evaluate the pros and cons of either “Gladue courts” or Aboriginal sentencing circles.

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