Review of the Movie Lord of the Flies

Review of the Movie Lord of the Flies *NOTE: I have a written essay on this topic from a friend, it just needs to be re-worded and altered to

Instructions: Write an essay of at least 1500 words (approximately 4 double-spaced pages) on the following topic.

Review of the Movie Lord of the Flies
Review of the Movie Lord of the Flies

Topic: Write a review of the movie, Lord of the Flies, (DVD included in your course package) which shows how this movie can be interpreted and understood from several different theoretical perspectives discussed in the first five units of the course. You are required to analyze this movie from the perspective of (at least) two (2) of the following theorists: Rousseau, Hobbes, Comte, Spencer, the Romantic Conservative theorists, or the early Feminist theorists. You are also required to use (i.e., to define, to explain, and to apply) at least four (4) key concepts associated with each of the theorists that you have chosen. Your paper should be organized around the following general themes or sections:

  1. Introduction (to the movie)
  2. Plot and Characters (summary)

III. Alternative Theoretical Interpretations (for example; Rousseau versus Hobbes, Spencer versus either or both Rousseau and Hobbes, Romantic Conservatives versus the Feminists, etc.)

  1. How social theory can clarify a movie (examples of how key concepts can be used to analyze the movie)
  2. Conclusion. Ensure that your account makes fully documented use of the relevant course readings, as well as any outside sources. This is your opportunity to become a theorist.

Your paper should be no more than four (4) pages in length, double-spaced (not including the bibliography).

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