Safety & Quality Improvement Assignment

Safety & Quality Improvement
Safety & Quality Improvement

Safety & Quality Improvement


Clinical Safety Paper

Rationale for the Assignment

This assignment will give you an opportunity to apply what you are learning in the class and have learned in your nursing practice regarding safety and quality and making organizational change at the unit level. This assignment is designed to assist you in preparing your clinical safety and quality project presentation.

Process for the Assignment

From the beginning of this course you need to gather evidence on a specific clinical safety topic related to your nursing practice and job experience. This literature and evidence will help you develop a foundational understanding of your clinical safety topic and a possible solution/plan to improve patient safety and quality care. You will write an eight to ten page paper that responds to this specific clinical safety issue.

  1. Your first step will be to generate a question or problem statement of your own that is related to the clinical safety project you are researching. This problem statement will introduce the idea for your safety project. Include purpose of the paper and what will be discussed in the paper. Complete description and discussion of the area/issue/situation where safety could be improved.

Include the specific setting, discussion of current practice, potential threat to patient safety, and who is involved in the situation.

Explain how you are involved in this situation.

How does the problem affect you as the nurse?

How does the problem put the patient at risk?

  1. Discuss how this specific situation/problem is related to sources of threat as depicted by the seven subcultures of patient safety identified by Sammer et al. Be sure to reference the Sammer et al. in your paper. Use a heading for each of the subcultures of patient safety.
  2. Summary/review of the literature that relates to and describes this and/or similar situations/risks. References are current, comprehensive, topic specific and include professional and lay literature.

Minimum of 3 – 4 professional references (in addition to course readings) from current (2008-2014) health care literature.

May use older literature to support historical context, however must show patient risk is current. Use a heading for Literature Review.

  1. What is your plan for improving the situation and threat to patient safety?

(Use a heading)

Plan should be specific and realistic. Identify all stakeholders, roles and responsibilities.

Specify your role.

Include a time frame and budget. (Use a heading)

Budget should reflect evidence of research into accurate costs of the plan.

This part should include a conclusion (use a heading) of the paper.

  1. Format of the paper. Neat, organized, computer generated, mechanics, structure and accurate use of APA professional style of writing.

This includes appropriate use of language, title page, reference page, text citations, level headings, header, page numbers, and reflects a professional appearance. Writing issues addressed in first, short written project are corrected.

Make sure you include a hard copy of each article.

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