Selecting Sound Bites Essay Paper

Selecting Sound Bites Essay Paper Module 11 Assignment (Extra Credit): Selecting Sound Bites

In Chapter 11 of your textbook, the author discusses that the best sound bites are often those that show emotion, express personal opinion, expert opinion, personal account or witness account.

Selecting Sound Bites Essay Paper
Selecting Sound Bites Essay Paper

Using either the audio gathered from conducting interviews for your EHST story or conducting a new interview, select two sound bites ranging from 10 to 25 seconds. Write a brief, half-page to one-page essay that identifies who the source is in each sound bite, the topic of each sound bite, and why you believe each sound bite could stand alone and would be effective in a broadcast story. Refer to readings as necessary when writing your explanation.

You can receive up to 10 points for completing this extra credit assignment and submitting sound bites.

Selecting Sound Bites Essay Paper Submission Requirements

Your completed assignment should be a half page to one page, single-spaced, in 11 points Arial font, saved as a Word (*.doc, *.docx) file, uploaded here using the following naming convention:


At the top left-hand corner of the paper, include the following:

Your Name:

Course Number & Name: JOU3109C: Multimedia Writing

Module Number & Assignment Name: Module 11 Assignment (Extra Credit): Selecting Sound Bites

Today’s Date:

Additionally, using a simple audio editor to edit your interview(s), select two sound bites for submission. Sound bites should be 10 to 25 seconds long and be submitted in one of the following Canvas supported audio file formats:

MP3 – Digital Audio Format

WMA – Windows media audio

WMV – Windows Media

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