Short Descriptive Ethical Article Essay

Short Descriptive Ethical Article Essay For this essay, you will write a short descriptive ethical article.

Short Descriptive Ethical Article Essay
Short Descriptive Ethical Article Essay

The goal of a descriptive article is to *describe* or explain in a non-biased way a particular ethical issue (it may be easier to do this if you pick a topic you have less strong feelings about, but then again you may gain more value from the assignment by working on a topic for which you do have a strong opinion). You should think of your goal as to establish the basic facts needed in order for us to have a debate in the first place.

You will find the four topics you may choose from listed below, once you have chosen your topic, your descriptive essay should have the following sections :

1) The first thing to start with is a clear definition or short explanation of what your topic is. Explain when, where, how and to whom your chosen topic is relevant.

2) Discuss the history for your topic

3) Discuss the contemporary social context related to the issue.

4) Discuss the proposed and enacted solutions that are currently part of the debate

  1. Note: for this, you may discuss laws that are on the books if that is relevant, public polling, common ‘popular’ solutions to the issue, and this can also be a good place to briefly bring up politics or religion (if you choose to do so, try to present multiple views on the issue, and try not to bias your discussion towards any one particular political movement or religious tradition).

This is a lot to do, and you only have limited space: papers should be NO MORE THAN 3 Total Pages in length (Typed, double-spaced, font no smaller than 11, etc…i.e. don’t try to squeeze in a whole lot of extra content). You should include citations, however you do not need to include them as a separate page, instead, fit them into your three pages – also note, you’re not required to use all three pages, if you’re at two pages and happy with your work, don’t write an extra page just to take up space – you’ll be graded on the quality not the quantity of your work.

Also note, this essay will require you to do some outside research on your topic. Two things are key here. First, be sure to pick good, reliable sources, you can consider Wikipedia to be about as good as a normal textbook: which means it has flaws AND it should definitely not be your only source. Second, clearly identify your sources. To do this, you must at a minimum include a works cited page (preferably with proper in-text citations following either MLA or APA formats).

The topics you may choose from for this assignment are as follows:

1 – Animal Rights

2 – Cyber Bullying

3 – Therapeutic Genetic Alteration

4 – Pay and fair compensation for college athletes

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