Significant Fire that Address Environmental Concern

Significant Fire that Address Environmental Concern A “significant fire” is one that meets one of the following criteria:
• Fires that had an effect on public opinion
• The fire that changed some law regarding how buildings, structures, vehicles, or vessels are constructed or used

Major Significant Fire that Address Environmental Concern
Major Significant Fire that Address Environmental Concern

• Fires that address environmental concerns and how we interact with our environment
The paper must have the following characteristics:
The paper must be at least 4 pages long, double-spaced. Pictures, figures, and tables don’t count towards the minimum number of pages.
The paper must include the basic facts of the fire
The paper must discuss what made the fire significant (see definition above)
The paper must include why you picked this particular event to write about
You must use at least three different references, at least one of which must be a written source (book, newspaper or magazine) and you need to use a recognized format for citing the references
Your paper will be graded on:
• The significance of the fire
• Your ability to communicate what you learned about the fire
• How well you followed the instructions above
Must be different fire from the previous assignment that you did for me (Mendocino Complex Fire ATTACHED) and the Oakland Hills, CA – 1991.

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