Slavery in the poetry of Phyllis Wheatley

Slavery in the poetry of Phyllis Wheatley We need two primary sources and at least 4 secondary sources. A secondary source is an authoritative book or article written about a piece of literature.

Slavery in the poetry of Phyllis Wheatley
Slavery in the poetry of Phyllis Wheatley

Secondary sources do not include encyclopedias, study guides (e.g., Cliff’s Notes, Sparks Notes, etc.), personal Web sites, chat rooms, any supplemental essays included in your textbook, etc.

–           Do not rely extensively on lengthy quotations from the secondary sources. Instead, summarize and paraphrase; quote primarily for emphasis or to establish the validity of your presentation of the source’s ideas.

–           Direct quotations from any of your sources should be no longer than five lines (your lines) long.

–           You must list all of your sources in a separate Works Cited page. Use the MLA Handbook as your guide.

–           You must submit both a hard copy AND an electronic copy of your paper. You will receive a ZERO if you do not turn in BOTH an electronic copy AND a hard copy.

Length: The paper should be 5 complete typewritten pages, double-spaced, with standard margins (i.e., 1î top; 1 ºî righty; 1 Ωî bottom; 1 ºî left). Title Page and Works Cited Page must not be included in your page-count. The paper should be typed in TIMES NEW ROMAN font size 12. Use of other fonts and larger type size will result in grade penalties.

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