Social media marketing Paper Available

Social media marketing Paper
Social media marketing Paper

Social media marketing Paper

– Firstly Fill out this attached worksheet and answer the questions inside the attached file.
-Second write about the subject as requested in the attached file

Please write about the following topic

“”Social media marketing “”

Topic Selection Exercise

These exercises are designed to get students thinking about their topics.
Students are asked to choose a topic, narrow their focus, complete some preliminary research and develop a thesis statement.
The students have to turn the exercise to the instructor within 1 week.

Research Project Proposal: This worksheet asks students to choose a topic, perform some preliminary research, and narrow their focus based on that research. It may not be suitable for students with no prior research experience.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:
1. Identify an initial research question, that might be too broad or too narrow
2. Use background information sources effectively to gain familiarity with and an understanding of the topic.
3. Locate and retrieve preliminary information on their topic.
4. Identify how new information gathered or learned integrates with their previous knowledge on the topic.
5. Determine whether to incorporate or reject viewpoints encountered.
6. Define or modify the information need to achieve a manageable focus.

The exercises were adapted from a worksheet designed by Professor Elizabeth Korn for students enrolled in ENG 101C/105C.


Research Project Proposal

Fill out this worksheet and turn it in 1 to the instructor.

1. I would like to research the following topic:

2. I am interested in this topic because:

3. List at least three specific resources that you have found that may be useful to your research. One of these sources may be a website:

4. Based on my preliminary research, I have chosen to focus on the following aspect of my topic:

5. I have chosen this focus because:

Your answer to the following question will constitute your argument.
Your argument may change as you do more research on and think more deeply about your topic.

6. How is your topic interesting or important? Are there unresolved questions relating to your topic? How might you approach these questions?

What questions, general or specific, would you like to ask your instructor about how to proceed with your project?

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