Developing a Marketing Plan for a Local Business

Developing a Marketing Plan for a Local Business  1. Pick a local business and gather your research to develop a Marketing Plan. Use the outline from chapter 2, exhibit 2.5. Try to interview the owner or a manager if you can. Try to solve a problem or answer a marketing question for the business.


Developing a Marketing Plan for a Local Business
Developing a Marketing Plan for a Local Business

Use observation or questionnaire to make suggestions as to how the business should develop a Marketing Plan. Write the Marketing Plan for the business. You can pick any type of business, product or service.


2. Write a Marketing Plan for the business.

3. Refer to Chapter Two, “Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage”. Exhibit 2.5, Elements of a Marketing Plan.

4. Your plan should address each of these elements including writing a Mission Statement for the business. Conducting a SWOT analysis. You need three Objectives for the business. Develop a Target Market based on your research and develop all elements of the Marketing Mix addressing all four P’s. Use any other industry research you can find to help you develop and support your plans findings. End your plan adding your Implementation steps, the Evaluations you will use, and the Controls for the business.

5. Your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages and no more than 10. Use MLA or another college formatting.

Please read Chapter Two and follow the assignment outline instructions above. Due dates are posted on the class calendar (Calendar Tab). Work turned in after the assignment due date will be subject to heavy point reduction.
For full credit, please submit complete, well thought out answers. Do not turn in any papers using a National Brand.
We all know what Apple and Nike are doing. Do not copy and try to rewrite their plan. I want to see your plan, what you think should be done based on your research.

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