Socially introvert and realist Research Paper

Socially introvert and realist
Socially introvert and realist

Socially introvert and realist

Identify yourself

Socially ( introvert and realist)

Economically (lower middle class. my family and i struggled heavy when we first moved to Texas from California)

Socially introvert and realist Research Paper

Politically/Philosophically ( democrat/ liberal and explain what that means to be a democrat and why i associate with this political party)

Your Perception of the Political Structure

Identify your place in this system

Do you belong ( i don’t belong in this system because it wasn’t made for black males like myself too)

Do you feel you belong? ( i do not feel like I belong in the system because the system was made for people of my color to fail)

Are you an American ( i am an American because this is where I was born and raised and I am ignorant about where in Africa do my ancestors originate)

Are you a hyphenated American? ( i am an African- American so yes)

What is right with the system

Socially introvert and realist Research Paper

Justify and support ( i appreciate that the system allows us to be anything we want and doesn’t control what we do as long as it’s not deemed as unacceptable to the public, everybody can make a life for themselves in America)

What is wrong with the system

Where would you place the blame ( i place the blame in the founding fathers that didn’t want to make the country accessible for people of my skin color)

Find support to justify what you think went wrong ( while the system allows us to be anything you want it makes it extremely hard to succeed as a minority this system is designed to keep minorities in jail and keep the family broken so the sons grow up and repeat the same cycle)

How you would fix or change the system

What is your ideology of perfecting the system? ( making the system equal for all to succeed so that no minority is singled out and everybody has the same opportunity to make the best life that they can)

What is your ideology to eliminate the present system? (realistically the only way to eliminate the present system would be to start over but I don’t even think that it would work unless the previous generations die off so that no one remembers the old system and would try to have it put back in place)

In reference to this Course __________.

Who are you Politically? (Democrat/liberal)

Who are you Ethnically? (an African American male)

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