Somali Community Beliefs and Practices about Health

Somali Community Beliefs and Practices about Health Fatuma Hussein provides powerful examples of the Somali community’s beliefs and practices regarding health (i.e., what constitutes “normal”, ways of treating health or other concerns).

Somali Community Beliefs and Practices about Health
Somali Community Beliefs and Practices about Health

To answer the questions below, please think about her examples and reflect upon our school’s mission to “provide transformative and collaborative learning that embraces the values of social inclusion” as illustrated on our mission and vision page. “The process of improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of people, disadvantaged on the basis of their identity, to take part in society.” (2013, World Bank Publication) Of the 4 questions listed below, please select 2 questions for your initial posts. Submit to the matching thread titles on the forum: Question One: When working with different individuals and communities, how might we as social workers prepare ourselves to engage with respect? How can we fulfill the obligation to “dismantle barriers to human dignity”? What examples of “barriers to human dignity” were raised by Fatuma? Question Two: What ethical dilemmas might arise when working with someone from another culture? (i.e., gender issues, the meaning of self-determination) How might our professional code of ethics provide us guidance in these instances? Question Three: How does Fatuma’s talk help to underscore the importance of thinking about health as defined by the World Health Organization and embraced by our school of social work? Question Four: Fatuma speaks to the importance of self-awareness. Why do you think this is essential for us as social workers? How does this enable us to actualize the values and ideas put forth in our professional codes of ethics? How can we foster a more critical self-awareness in ourselves?

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