Songs of Solomon or Canticles Essay Paper

Songs of Solomon or Canticles Essay Paper Students will write an essay on Song of Songs (a.k.a Song of Solomon or Canticles). The essay will be 500-750 words, doubled spaced, with 12 point Times New Romans font and one-inch margins.

Songs of Solomon or Canticles Essay Paper
Songs of Solomon or Canticles Essay Paper

Be sure to consult the formatting example on MyCourses as points will be deducted for failure to follow these guidelines.

The essay will be graded for content as well as grammar and composition.

The essay will be submitted online and is due at the start of class on April 15. Late essays will not be accepted, except for excused absences.

Songs of Solomon or Canticles Essay Paper

You must consult at least three Bible commentaries available through the Library. Your essay must include parenthetical citations and a bibliography of all sources utilized. Students are to refrain from online sources, such as blogs or websites, unless they have been approved by the professor.

Note: Students should be aware that all required writing assignments will be submitted to, a plagiarism-detection tool. Turnitin is a software resource intended to address plagiarism and improper citation. The software works by cross-referencing submitted materials with an archived database of journals, essay, newspaper articles, books, and other published work.

All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the Turnitin reference database solely for the purposes of detecting plagiarism of such papers. In addition, other methods may be used to determine the originality of the paper. This software is not intended to replace or substitute for the faculty member’s judgement regarding the detection of plagiarism.

Songs of Solomon or Canticles Essay Paper

After reading the Song of Songs as well as the introduction to the book in the Oxford Bible, answer the following questions.

What part of the book did you like best and why?

What part of the book did you like least and why?

Why do you think a book that focuses on (sexual!) love would be accepted as part of the OT canon? (Warning: do not say it was accepted as canonical because it was inspired; rather, tell why it was thought important enough to be included in Scripture.)

How can/should the book be used by believers today?

You are required to consult three academic secondary sources such as Bible commentaries or one of the major Bible dictionaries such as The Anchor Bible Dictionary or Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible. Several acceptable sources have been placed on reserve in the library.

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