Sony Case Study Assignment Available

Sony Case Study
Sony Case Study

Sony case study

Sony, once a shining global star in consumer electronics industry, is now striving for its survival. What went wrong in Sony? Identify problems in terms of Human Resource Management (not marketing, finance, etc.).

– 700 word limits (excluding reference list at the end/including in-text citations)
– Proper citations/references needed. Plagiarism should be actively avoided.

Some notes on Sony Case assignment.
1. The paper should point out people management related issues that may have contributed to the downfall of Sony over the years. Problems in other business areas (such as marketing, finance etc.) are not the main concern of this assignment.
2. In the case materials, you will see some explicit coverage of people management issues. You need to pay extra attention to these. However, simply
repeating (paraphrasing) them in the paper will not result in a good mark. You should critically assess them and try to link them to appropriate
concepts/theories of International Business and/or HRM.
3. When you use terminologies of HR and IB (international business), make sure you understand the precise meaning of them.
4. You are allowed to make reasonable deductions based on facts presented in the given reading materials. It is perfectly fine to draw from materials other than given cases/textbook as long as they are reasonably relevant to the assignment.
5. The paper doesn’t have to have an introduction or conclusion. Just get to the heart of your idea. Headings/subheadings are fine. The ideas should flow in a logical way. Readers should be able to easily get the chain of reasoning and progression of your ideas. Sentences/paragraphs should be well structured.
Avoid using unnecessarily lengthy sentences/paragraphs.

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