Steps taken by couple to Improve their Situation

Steps taken by couple to Improve their Situation The word limit is 2,000 (+/- 15%) anything beyond the 2,300 words will be ignored.
Students are required to use the material in Modules1, 2 & 3 to:

Steps taken by couple to Improve their Situation

identify the problem the couple has now and/or will have in the near future.
identify the necessary steps the couple need to take to improve and better their situation.
explain why those steps are needed
to illustrate the expected outcomes from taking those steps.
You will need to do a number of calculations but only include the answers not the calculations.
DO NOT include any charts, graphs or tables you will be marked down if you do.
Everything in the case study is there for a reason plus somethings are not mentioned but should be referred to. .
Students in previous semesters have failed the Case Study because they spent more than a quarter of the word count telling me what is in the Case Study.

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