Strategic Problems in the Oil and Gas Industries

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Strategic Problems in the Oil and Gas Industries
Strategic Problems in the Oil and Gas Industries
  1. Analyze one or more strategic problems in the oil and gas industries and produce a comprehensive report detailing the objectives, methodologies, findings, analysis, and conclusions of the research carried out above. The word length for the report is 10,000 words.
  2. Analyze the extent to which you have developed your knowledge, throughout the course and how the course and this project has helped your employability. This should be summarised as a personal statement of no more than 500 words and placed in an appendix to the main document.

Strategic Problems in the Oil and Gas Industries Sample Answer

4.1.Conclusion and recommendation

The research has pointed out that there is a change in the number of employees in the oil and gas industry in the UK. In fact, this has a detrimental effect on the economy as well as the social life of the citizens. The results support that there has been a decline in the number of employees in this sector which requires UK government intervention to improve the condition as well as create more jobs. As earlier stated to improve this condition some adjustments need to be made like, employing highly qualified personnel, carrying performance evaluation more often, as well as ensuring that the human resource in this sector executes their mandates as required. Although, it was established that the price of the crude oil and the variable year, it is imperative for the prices of the UK oil and gas to be considerably low to benefit other sectors. This is because, if the oil and gasses’ prices are set at minimal, the cost of production, transportation, agriculture among others will intensely benefit. Thus, it is within the UK’s government mandate to ensure that the petroleum prices are consistently low to boost oil dependent sectors, which improves the revenue generation, production and service’s delivery. To make this a reality, the UK government will continue subsidizing the fossil fuel. Through this, the government will ensure that they reap maximum returns from this sector, such as job creation, improved service delivery, generation of revenue among others. The dynamic Computable General Equilibrium pointed out that when the oil and gasses’ prices are low, there are increases in the UK GDP. Therefore, there is a great urge to keep the prices of the oil and gasses low to boost the GDP of the country. Therefore, the government should set up strategies that ensure that the oil and gasses are low, like eliminating intermediaries in the supply chain, subsidizing the oil and gasses sector, or not taxing these products.

The research was successful since the objectives of the research have been achieved. Given another chance in the future, I would make some adjustment on the research. For instance, an increase in the sample size of the data to increase accuracy. This can be achieved by using monthly data instead of annual data. Also, since literature shows that from 2010 to mid-2014 the prices were steady and after that the prices declined. A test of whether the two-period prices are significantly different would be carried out. This will help in testing whether the claim that there is a recent decline in the oil and gasses’ prices.

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