Supply Chain Management Essay Paper

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

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Two-page Document – Students will write a two page document analyzing their chosen career field, including salary information and projected demand. Students will also be expected to cite and document sources using the American Psychological Association (APA) or Modern Language Association (MLA) format.

Supply chain management is my field.


Supply Chain Management

Many career options are available to people with different ambitions and interests. Selecting the preferred career field is, therefore, an important aspect for any student as this determines their future.  My career field is supply chain management. The author analyses this career, providing various aspects such as salary and projected demands.

Supply Chain Management is one of the courses offered in many universities to help address the needs of customers, and at the same time helping entities improve on their performance. The field has various courses that touch on many aspects relating to businesses such as marketers, suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, transporters, retailers, and customers to address and meet the needs of the consumers (Lichocik & Sadowski, 2013). The course aims at imparting skills to learners to help improve organization performance as well as customer satisfaction through devising ways to improve products and service delivery to consumers.

The reason that drove me to pursue the career included the desire to help entities achieve their objectives. My experiences as a consumer as well drove me and heightened my desire to pursue this career field and help to improve service delivery. On several occasions, I have failed to meet my objectives because of poor supply chain management services in my client’s companies.  Delays, time wastage, and poor storage among many other problems have faced these entities hampering effective service delivery. The course has equipped me with skills in logistics. I have the capability to examine transportation economics, design networks that are efficient and effective to enhance flow and storage of information and products in a supply chain (Jayaram, Tan & Nachiappan, 2010). The various faces of supply chain management such as organizational, strategic, and tactical are critical to ensuring that as leader and manager, I champion the aspirations of the organization.  The field as well equips learners with skills on inventory management and planning, incentive alignments, as well as supply chain execution.

According to Melnyk,  Lummus, Vokurka, Burns, and Sandor  (2009),  supply chain management has become a business ‘fact of life’  as researchers and managers as well as educators appreciate its importance and  its impact on the functional performance often measured in terms of cost, lead time, flexibility, and quality. This is a clear indication of the value organizations have attached to this career field over the years.  Supply chain managers have become integral part of the management as they take part in crucial decisions at an organizational level. They affect the performance of an entity  since they are very influential. The career field is, therefore, one of the best paying in terms of salary packages. The work of supply chain managers is very significant and this is a clear reason for the better perks they receive. Therefore, I have no doubt and regret for pursuing this career path.

Projected demand for supply chain managers has as well continued to grow due to the continued value entities get from the officers. The career is still undergoing major transformation as it now changes from tactical nature where the major focus has been on delivery and cost to a strategic field (Melnyk, Lummus, Vokurka, Burns & Sandor, 2009).  The issues or challenges that have faced the organizations can now be addressed appropriately and professionally by supply chain managers, helping them realize their objectives. Even though the number of people pursuing this course over the years has been low, it has started increasing as demand of these managers has increased.

Supply chain management is, therefore, a good career of my choice. I have interest of helping entities achieve high performance by adopting appropriate strategies. I do believe that if an entity has put in place appropriate systems to ensure smooth process and decision-making, the objectives of an entity can be met easily. The career is, therefore, one of the best paying, as well as with higher projected demand.


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