The Fall of Lehman Brothers Ethical or Unethical

The Fall of Lehman Brothers Ethical or Unethical Pick a moral problem or a case in business that we have not already analyzed in any detail in class.

The Fall of Lehman Brothers Ethical or Unethical
The Fall of Lehman Brothers Ethical or Unethical

A moral problem is one in which there is some difference
of opinion on what is right and wrong. The issue is not clear cut and there is no consensus about it. Similarly, a case should be one about which there is
some debate.

The Fall of Lehman Brothers Ethical or Unethical Paper Requirements

Write a paper arguing to a conclusion about the morality of the problem or the case you have chosen. The problem may consist either of a general
issue of policy or a specific issue that is found in a case you analyze.
In your paper: (1) Start by explaining the moral problem or outlining the case. (2) Then present the moral arguments which support your conclusion. You may
use whatever approach to moral argumentation (from among those we have studied) that you choose. Make clear the moral criterion you are using to decide the
issue. Develop your arguments clearly, step by step, giving reasons for the position you defend. (3) Present and answer at least one argument that someone on
the other side of the question might put forth.
You may use this assignment to pursue some moral issue in business we have not discussed in class. The issue might be one raised in some other class or one
you find in the newspapers or periodicals . . . or it might be one that you are simply concerned about. The problem might deal with some aspect of a business
practice within a profession in which you are interested; it might concern individual or corporate responsibility; it can deal with an aspect of advertising,
discrimination and affirmative action, conflict of interest, trade secrets, multinationals, as examples. You may use a case in the text, as long as we have
not discussed it and DeGeorge does not resolve it. You may use any sources that you wish for background information.

The Fall of Lehman Brothers Ethical or Unethical Paper Conclusion

The paper, however, is not to be a
report of what other people say; you are to argue the issue to a conclusion.
If it is helpful, you might think of the paper as an article that you are writing to convince the general public about the morality of a practice or case;
you might also think of it as a letter to a CEO or the President to convince of the morality or immorality of some practice or policy. A good paper will be
well argued, and so convincing.

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