The Ideal Manager or Leader for 2020

The Ideal Manager or Leader for 2020 Your answers should be complete, concise, original, and insightful. If required your answer should reflect APA style, it should also be double-spaced and formatted using Times Roman 12 point font.

The Ideal Manager or Leader for 2020
The Ideal Manager or Leader for 2020

Do not forget page numbers and references, max 2 pages per answer. USE the Question numbers below in your answers.
ANSWER either question 1 or question 2 (only one) 25%
Question 1: Are mergers and acquisitions an efficient way for firms to grow? (discuss the difference in both modes and think about growth, profit, and
Question 2: Can a firm use cost leadership and differentiation simultaneously?
ANSWER either question 3 or question 4 (only one) 25%
Question 3: Is innovation profitable? What can make it profitable?
Question 4: How can a firm create the conditions for innovation?
ANSWER either question 5 or question 6 (only one) 25%
Question 5: What is the role of the national context, in regard to competitive advantage?
Question 6: Does a firm need to diversify across different businesses in order to benefit from economies of scope?
You MUST answer this question, extra credit up to 5% for insightful answers.
Extra Question: A) Describe the ideal manager/leader for 2020. Explain your choices and provide a detailed answer. B) What did you learn from this class (if
anything) that has enhanced your skill and knowledge set.

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