The Politics of Digital Shaming Reading Response

The Politics of Digital Shaming Reading Response “The Politics of Digital Shaming” by Rita Koganzon


Paragraph(s) response of 250-500 words

Respond to all questions thoroughly and thoughtfully


After reading the selected piece, please respond to following questions.

Concerning the writer’s content, identify one idea that you thought was compelling and explain way it is compelling to you.

Once you have identified and explained that idea and explained its relevance, please articulate a potential question that one could explore in an argumentative essay based on the idea you liked.

Analyze the piece rhetorically.

Potential elements to consider: (You do not need to respond to every question, but you should respond to most of them.)

Where was the piece published? Could that affect the argument? How or Why?

Whom do you suppose is the intended audience? Why?

How does the writer appeal to this audience?

Use of ethos (credibility/authority)? (Give specific examples from the text.)

Use of pathos (emotional)? (Give specific examples from the text.)

Use of logos (logical structure/appropriate evidence)? (Give specific examples from the text.)

A combination of the above? Why? Explain.

Rejection of an appeal above? Why? Explain.

Given the audience, what do you suspect is the purpose of this writer’s essay/argument? Explain.

Based on the audience and the purpose, is the writer successful in conveying his or her argument? How so? Why not? Explain.

Based on your analysis of this argument, identify a way in which you might improve your writing. Consider the following when answering this question.

If you thought the way in which the writer crafted his or her argument was effective, how might you employ that technique in your own writing? Explain.

If you thought the writer was unsuccessful, what might you avoid in the development of your own arguments? Explain.

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