The Project Management Support Office

The Project Management Support Office Order Instructions: The Project Support Office (PSO)

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The Project Management Support Office
The Project Management Support Office

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The link between project management effectiveness and organization effectiveness is clear, and so is the link between supportive organization infrastructure and effective project management (Wysocki, 2014). A Project Support Office (PSO) is a clear demonstration of an organization’s support for effective project management. Innovative thinking and action can also enhance organization effectiveness (Hamel, 2012). What role should the PSO play in encouraging innovation in organizations?

Find an organization that has developed a PSO in the U.S (though it may have a different name) and summarize the mission, structure, and functions of the PSO you selected. Explain what you think this organization should do to grow and mature its PSO. Discuss the role of the PSO in encouraging innovation and provide a specific example.

The Project Management Support Office Sample Answer

Project Support Office

Project Support Office has been the concept that has evolved to provide firms with competitive advantages. Apparently, today’s competitive global setting is forcing businesses to be more flexible. Businesses have to be dynamic to respond to changes and become efficient than never. Ispas, Bacali & El Khayat (2011) argue that gaining and sustaining competitive advantage is the biggest phenomenon challenging most businesses. Innovation is one methodology that companies do use to deliver and maintain a firm’s competitive advantage. However, innovations do pose challenges to organizations. Ispas (2011, p.147) indicate that almost 90% of innovation products fail. Project Support Office strives to ensure that the innovation products succeed in the market. At the WHO (World Health Organization), PSO has been developed to ensure projects are effectively designed and implemented. The office does support the written project management system.

The mission of this type of PSO is to get more customers to use distinct processes. The other mission of the office is to ensure that there are realistic project plans that would be developed and delivered. The other mission of the office is to ensure that the department will devise where to get support for their respective projects (Spalek, 2013). In addition, PSO will ensure that projects are monitored, and this made an active process. The office ought to ensure that formal project closure takes place with learning identified. The structure of the PSO is that it provides on an as-requested basis, any type and expertise the project manager or team members might need (Ispas, 2011). 15 specialists who ensure that operations go smoothly overhead it. One of the functions of the PSO at the organization is to identify the links with different projects (Spalek, 2013). The PSO ensures that the links working with the appropriate project leaders and senior managers are clear. The other function of the PSO is to oversee risks and design containment methods that are developed. The containment methods can also be applied to other projects. The other function of the PSO is to check and control processes. The PSO ensures that the project is monitored effectively (Müller, Glückler & Aubry, 2013). The other function of the PSO is to facilitate project management software. The project management software has various tools that aim at supporting the drive to deliver the project effectively (Ispas, 2011). Making PSO the central hub of any software ensures that there is coordination. In addition, the project management software provides training and internal reinforcement needed for the firm.

However, WHO needs to integrate project and resource management concepts in the PSO. This is because of PSOs at WHO fails to identify the hidden costs in the clients’ engagements. The other improvement that needs to be introduced to improve PSO is the benchmarks and operational metrics. This includes the utilization ratio and cost per professional. This will help WHO counteract many costs in projects (Liu, Wang & Eng Huang Chua, 2015). The last improvement to be introduced is financial reporting. Financial reporting will enable the organization to comply with new government regulations (Ispas, 2011). PSO encourages innovation by helping an organization to have capabilities that will differentiate them from the competition. For example, PSO helps WHO to scan at the periphery to the view to identify emerging trends and technologies. It then adopts the trends to continue simplifying its operations.

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