The Public Space of the Gym in My Building

The Public Space of the Gym in My Building This paper will be talking about the public space of the gym in my building. It has to be ANALYTICAL and very little description.

The Public Space of the Gym in My Building
The Public Space of the Gym in My Building

The thesis has to be: the
space + social dynamic + concepts+ meaning assigned.
The organization of the paragraphs have to be : 1) how the elements of the space functions 2) VALUES of the space 3) behaviours of people within the space
(capturing the raw information) 4)values of people 5) combo of above ideas with an emphasis on the space to transition effectively
It is very important to follow all of this.

The Public Space of the Gym in My Building Essay Paper Instructions

Here are the more specific instructions:
it is imperative to develop a clear, well-focused direction for the paper. Whatever your specific angle, you must imagine your space as having a sense of
agency and show how it plays an active role in the governing of people, whether implicit or explicit, subtle or overt. Of foremost concern is thus to analyze
how your space’s features are responsible for shaping behavior, thought patterns, and privileging of values. Be sure as well to highlight the public element
of the space and to focus on how people who do not know one another interact, instead of focusing on how already established groups behave singularly within
the space.
For inspiration, ask yourself: How is this space created, figuratively and metaphorically? What are its defining elements? How are people aligned to one
another in this space? What values are privileged by this space? How does its layout, style, and intended purpose shape the way people think and behave? How
is meaning continuously defined and redefined as people cross in and out of it? How are objects and concepts brought into this space transformed? These
questions will help guide your organization and prioritization of what you observe. As before, overall your written work will be evaluated on both the
quality and presentation of your ideas as well as your ability to develop and sustain a rich and insightful trajectory of thought.

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