Themes Presented In Film Long Paper

Themes Presented In Film Long Paper: complete one long paper on one of the following films:

Arrival (Truth)

Themes Presented In Film Long Paper
Themes Presented In Film Long Paper

Edge of Tomorrow (Free Will and Determinism)

Her (Artificial Intelligence)

Ex Machina (Artificial Intelligence)

A Serious Man (The Problem of Evil and Existentialism)

Silence (The Problem of Evil)

Select one of the films from the above list and watch it as soon as possible. You will work with this film for the entire semester, and write the long paper on it. The paper will discuss the ways that the various themes that we discuss during the semester are presented, discussed, or in other ways depicted in the film.

Completed papers will be about 1500-2000 words long. Writing and grammar will be taken into account for the grade. Be sure to provide direct and indirect quotes from the relevant primary readings –Philosophy Through Film (3nd Ed.), Mary M. Litch, Amy Karofsky, Routledge.

use the readings from primary sources in the back of the book (show me that you’re doing the reading!) Provide the page number in parentheses at the end of each direct and indirect quote.

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