Theory in Management in External Business Environment

Theory in Management in External Business Environment Question: According to Dasgupta and Gupta “The increasing turbulence in the external business environment has focused attention on the resources and organizational capabilities as the principal source of competitive advantage.” (2009, p.204).

Theory in Management in External Business Environment
Theory in Management in External Business Environment

Discuss with reference to appropriate literature sources, the extent to which the creation, sharing, and utilization of knowledge are central to this resource-based view of competitive advantage.

Reference: Dasgupta, M. And Gupta, R.K. (2009) Innovation in Organizations: A Review of the Role of Organizational Learning Instructions for the completion of assessment part two: The question is deliberately broad. Students are therefore allowed to focus their answers on the field in which their course is based. This may aid the search for literature and examples by offering appropriate boundaries to your work.

The assessment must be submitted electronically via ‘Turnitin’.

Please familiarize yourself with the regulations on late submission. Last minute accidents involving the loss of data sticks, corrupted files, faulty laptops and so on can be guarded against by backing your work up thoroughly and regularly.

Do not put your name on the assessment – use your student number for identification only.

The maximum word count for part two of this assessment is 3,000 words, +/- 10%. This word count includes any appendices (which you should not need to any extent) but excludes the words in the reference list. This word count must be adhered to.

This is an essay, not a report, so you should avoid the use of bullet points and lists. This is an essay question which is effectively asking you to complete a critical evaluation of the literature on the topics and use this literature to form arguments to address the discussion.

Please note that tutors will not be able to pre-assess draft assessments. We will comment on short sections if students are concerned about their writing style, and we are happy to advise on outline structures. Please do not ask tutors to comment on whole draft assessments.

Accurate referencing of sources is crucial in this coursework. There are resources available in the Learning Resource Centre and via the student, advice shops to help. The referencing system used in this module is the APA Referencing system. Please make sure you are familiar with this. Marks will be deducted for inaccurate referencing.

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