Theory of Planned Behaviour and Sleep Deprivation

Theory of Planned Behaviour and Sleep Deprivation
Theory of Planned Behaviour and Sleep Deprivation

Theory of Planned Behaviour and Sleep Deprivation

Writing Assignments – Health Behaviour Change Theory: We will be learning about health prevention and promotion behaviours early in our course. There are many potential applications of health behaviour change theories to real world situations. Smoking cessation, diet and exercise, substance abuse, stress reduction, and other health behaviours are often attempted at the individual or group level, with varying success rates. Your job for this assignment is to apply a behaviour change theory/model to a specific health behavour:

1 – choose one theory/model of health behaviour change from the three covered in lecture and Ch. 3 of our textbook (the Health Belief Model, the Theory of Planned Behaviour, or the Transtheoretical Model).

2 – chose one health behaviour you feel is important to address and lends itself to an examination/discussion, based on your chosen theory/model. Any one of the three theories mentioned above is acceptable, but some will ‘fit’ or make sense better than others, depending on your health topic.

3 – Write a report that combines your chosen theory and health topic, as follows: You must explain the theory clearly, summarize the relevant research on that theory, summarize the research on your health behaviour topic, then discuss how the theory can be applied to your health behaviour.

To organize your writing, you will want to define, explain, and review (summarize and discuss) the existing empirical research literature on your chosen theory (how has it been used to study behaviour – both your chosen health behaviour and other behaviour examples) Then you will review (summarize and discuss) the research relevant to your health behaviour topic (what do we know about it, what helps/hinders it). You will then discuss how the theory/model applies to your chosen health topic (explain how each aspect of theory would apply or work to explain a person’s health behaviour or lack of behaviour). Note: your theory may or may not have been applied to your exact health topic already; this is ok – you can extrapolate from relevant findings, e.g., maybe your topic of chocolate consumption has not been studied with the HBM, but you can draw on general healthy eating research instead.

You will need to read and rely on (cite) the original theory/model paper and any other early papers about the theory and its development; AND include at least 12 additional relevant peer-reviewed empirical journal articles. The majority (10+) should be relatively recent (published after 2000). You may want to include additional review articles, as these can be very useful, but they will not count towards your required sources.

Your paper should be about 7 – 7½ (double-spaced) pages of text, with a separate cover page, and references page, all formatted in APA style. Use the space wisely: edit to be concise so you can cover more content, but do use all the space to be sure you cover your topic thoroughly.

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