How Do You Define Dance Essay Assignment

How Do You Define Dance
How Do You Define Dance

How Do You Define Dance

Part 1: Click on the red “Submit Assignment” button on the top right of this page and tell me what dance is for you, what does it mean, where have you experienced it?

After you have defined Dance for yourself, look at these two video:

BE SURE TO MUTE THIS VIDEO WHEN WATCHING. The soundtrack on this specific link is not from the original work, so please disregard.

Now that you’ve seen the first work, take a look at this video:

Part 2: In the submission box below I want you to tell me whether or not you think these video are related to dance, or are example of dance.

Be sure that your submission uses full sentences with proper grammar and syntax. Each response (Part 1; Part 2) should be a minimum of three sentences.

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