Tour Guide Company in Canterbury Kent

Tour Guide Company in Canterbury Kent The idea of opening Tour guide in Canterbury, Kent with some ideas of the below. i need to have proper plan with the sections below with very good unique selling point i will upload the brief about what the plan should be like in terms what sections to.

Tour Guide Company in Canterbury Kent
Tour Guide Company in Canterbury Kent

As a start you can them do them as bullet point. every section counts. So the points have to be good and valid.
Idea to have 3 types of tours Historical, Cultural and scenery.

Tour Guide Company in Canterbury Kent Cost Effective

Since Canterbury have many attractions to visit and the towns near by like Whistable , Dover, Herne Bay.
because the business is new the start is going to be from the back of my garden which makes everything virtually which is cost effective.
to be number one tour guide in Canterbury and surroundings. We will be different with our business by delivering first class service and trips and to make
our customers happy rom the start of the trip to the end.
to have deals with local hotels, restaurants, tours Like the river tour to in enable us to promote our self and partners for customers.
the Toursim industry generate 405M to Canterbury which is great potential to invest in.
Attractions like: Canterbury Cathedral, St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury Heritage Museum, The Canterbury Tales, Roman Museum etc
People the target audience is 60+ Male/ Female Because of the increase of ageing population. they have more disposable income to spend.
it would benefit the local people because it would generate jobs.
start by minimum wage.
start to build relationship with other hotels and restaurant and try to get 5 to 10 % for the customers
to have tours with different languages.
Helpful and friendly staff

Tour Guide Company in Canterbury Kent Marketing And sales

have to booths one by the west station and one by the bus station which gives opportunity to attract customers.
to have our fliers by the tourist information and distribute them in hotel and restaurants.
through the social network like Facebook because we can target that specific market by age.
to have sit of different packages with convenient prices.
through Blogs , emails and Sarca competitors: Canterbury Guided tours, Canterbury Audio tour, visit Canterbury
Bad Weather
Since the tours are Seasonal it might be not enough to generate money during April to September

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