Treatise on Human Nature Translated Essay

Treatise on Human Nature Translated
Treatise on Human Nature Translated

Treatise on Human Nature Translated

The Treatise on Human Nature Translated, with Introduction and Commentary by Robert Pasnau

All text should be double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, with one-inch margins. For these papers, you are not allowed to use outside, secondary sources. All citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style with the following exception Citations of Aquinas should identify the question number, article number, and article section (e.g. q. 75, a. 2, co.)

Content and Structure Introduction Identify and quote the relevant passage containing the argument in question. Summarize the context in which the argument is being given, why the argument arises, and what conclusion the thinker is trying to prove. You should not give a general introduction (i.e. Plato was a famous philosopher or Philosophers from the beginning of time have asked the question Is the human soul subsistent?). Argument Presentation Give a formalized version of the argument in which you lay out each step/premise (this may not necessarily be the same order in which the premises appear in the text). Each premise should be numbered and set off as a separate line of text, just as we have been doing in the Argument Analysis homework assignments. However, unlike the argument analysis homework assignments, you need to explain each step and should quote/cite the text to show where you are taking the step from. After each step, you should explain the meaning of the premise/inference. If the step has been inferred from previous premises, be sure to note those premises upon which it depends and what kind of inference has been used. If the premise is not directly inferred from prior steps, explain the thinker’s reasons for the truth of the premise. If you supply a premise not included in the passage, explain why it is needed and why we should supply it. If you find it hard to format the dependency numbers, you can leave them out.
The percentage for content will be split between correct formalization of the argument (40%) and explanation of the ideas and concepts involved.
Conclusion Having presented the argument, there ought to be a concluding paragraph in which you identify the importance of the conclusion, i.e. what further conclusions depend on this argument.

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