Unguarded American dream or American Tragedy

Unguarded American dream or American Tragedy Its an argumentative research paper on the documentary, Chris Herren Unguarded, which you can watch in the following link -(http://www.youtube.com/watch?

Unguarded American dream or American Tragedy
Unguarded American dream or American Tragedy

This six page Argumentative Research Paper will require the use of many—if not all—of the writing skills—anecdote, argumentation, comparison, concession, contrast, definition, ethos, logos, narration, organization, pathos.
Students must take an argumentative stance within the context of one of the topic listed above.?

Unguarded American dream or American Tragedy Research Paper Format and Reference List

All Argumentative Research Papers must incorporate at least six primary and/or secondary sources and list these entries on an MLA-formatted Works Cited page.
All Argumentative Research Papers must be academic, convincing arguments capable of persuading readers.
A limited, clear, arguable Divided Thesis Statement is paramount.
The grade will depend, in large part, on how clearly you define your thesis and how skillfully you utilize primary and secondary sources to support your
contentions. But remember, this essay must prove your argument on an issue, not your sources’. Use your sources; do not allow your sources to use you.
Along with an MLA-formatted Works Cited page, MLA style requires in-text citations after every “idea” (not just direct quotations) belonging to someone else.
Avoiding plagiarism also requires proper use of paraphrase.
Proper paraphrasing requires no more than three words in a row from the original and a significant revision of original sentence structure. Otherwise, you
must quote the original wording exactly as it appears.

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