Usefulness of Aussie Rules Football

Usefulness of Aussie Rules Football
Usefulness of Aussie Rules Football

An Investigating the usefulness of Aussie Rules Football as an activity to be used in the Physical Recreation section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Based on the activity that you have chosen or been allocated, and the primary data collected in your survey of QUTIC students, construct a 1 200 word written report which provides recommendations to your client. Overall, these recommendations should advise your client of students’ needs in relation to information, preferences, support and encouragement to work towards their achievement of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This report, requested by your client, will assist QUTIC in assisting student participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

In addition to using your primary research, you will also need to undertake secondary research to enhance your own understanding of key concepts provided in the overall report project task sheet. This will further assist you to analyse the significance of your findings and to support your recommendations. Collate data from your 20 questionnaires that have taken into account feedback from your lecturer/tutor to write a 1 200 word Report for your client.

Refer to the Model Report that is available on the QCD211 Blackboard site as a guide only. Refer to this model as you prepare, but do not copy any part into your own report. Primary research must be collected and analysed using ethical standards.

Do not base your report on fabricated data. Print, sign and include the Survey declaration. As well as explaining to your client why the issue required investigation (Introduction), you must also present and analyse your findings and discuss their significance for your client (Findings and Conclusions).

Then, based on conclusions you will then recommend what information about the activity, what preferences, support and encouragement QUTIC students require in relation to working towards achievement of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Recommendations). You must also explain how the report’s recommendations will address the client’s brief and how they will benefit international students both in the short- term and long-term (Benefits).

Finally, you must explain how to evaluate the success of the recommendations made. You must also show evidence of wider reading, using well-incorporated, relevant secondary research to validate your purpose, conclusions and benefits. At least seven sources related to your report topic (NOT about report or survey writing) should be used where required within the report. Ensure you use APA referencing.

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