Warrant to Search Someones Home Requirement

Warrant to Search Someones Home Requirement Amendments protect the people from unreasonable search and seizure A- Identify and explain the standard required, by example, to obtain a warrant to search someone’s home. B- Identify the 8 exceptions to the warrant requirement. C- Explain 2 exceptions in detail, with an example for each QUESTION

Warrant to Search Someones Home Requirement
Warrant to Search Someones Home Requirement

2: the 1st amendment recognizes free speech among other rights. A- What restrictions if any can the government put on your plans to hold a protest march? Explain the restrictions, and what standard any regulation for obtaining a permit must meet. B- Explain the Brandenburg Test and show how free speech might become hate speech.

Warrant to Search Someones Home Requirement

C- Explain why burning the American flag is generally protected speech but burning a rainbow flag might not be. what might make the difference between the two, if any? QUESTION 3: A- identifies the case in which the Supreme Court held it is legal for a police officer to stop and frisk a citizen. B- Explain the difference between a frisk and a search, AND explain the ” plain feel doctrine” C- Identify and briefly explain the 3 requirements for a constitutional Terry Stop. D- Define reasonable suspicion. QUESTION 4: A- identify the 2 recent supreme court cases which (1 ) CLARIFIED THE 2ND AMENDMENT RE: INDIVIDUAL OWNERSHIP OF FIREARMS. (2 )WHAT WAS THAT OVERALL HOLDING RE INDIVIDUAL GUN RIGHTS and EXPLAIN WHY THE LATTER CASE WAS IMPORTANT. B- The 14th and 5th amendment guarantees due process. Explain what is understood by due processes, with an example. C- Explain how a death penalty case is different, re process, for any other felony case. QUESTION 5: A- explains the relationship between the government and the people as it pertains to the constitution and most especially the bill of rights. B- What was the intent of the framers in drafting a bill of rights? C- What did the 14th amendment do that the previous amendment did not, as it pertains to the individual states and the citizen?

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