Why Some IT Projects Succeed and Others Fail

Why Some IT Projects Succeed and Others Fail Critically review relevant academic literature for factors contributing to successful delivery of IT projects.

Why Some IT Projects Succeed and Others Fail
Why Some IT Projects Succeed and Others Fail

You must include the following topics (but you
may also use additional, relevant topics) in your discussion:
Agile project management approaches in terms of project success
• Waterfall project management approach in terms of project success
• Risk Management in terms of project success

Why Some IT Projects Succeed and Others Fail Step 1

Search Middlesex University Learning Resources online databases, books and journals to find information and to gain a broad understanding on the topic. You
may also use Google Scholar and other web resources for this purpose, but remember these should not be used as direct references in your essay, unless the
sources found are authoritative or peer reviewed. Wikipedia may provide useful background reading; but must not be used as a direct reference.

Why Some IT Projects Succeed and Others Fail Step 2

a. Introduction to the essay topic and brief overview of how you will tackle the given topic (approx. 250 words)
b. Provide an overview of Waterfall and Agile Project Management approaches. You must give a clear description of each (approx. 750 words)
c. Then Critically analyse the main differences between the two approaches. Discuss if either approach could contribute to a successful delivery of a
project, or not. Summarise the main points at the end of this section (approx. 750 words)
d. Discuss the importance Risk Management in terms of project success. Discuss if RM could contribute to a successful delivery of a project or not (approx.
750 words)
e. In addition, you may explore (within the 3000 word count) additional project management topics if your research shows these could be beneficial to project
success. Discuss with your local tutor if needed
f. Conclude your findings and provide recommendations to successful IT project delivery (approx. 500 words)
Remember that the word count is 3000 words maximum, be selective with materials chosen
The essay should provide the reader (the marker) with your written understanding of the materials you have researched. All discussion must be supported by
relevant academic sources and correctly referenced using the Harvard method.
• You are highly encouraged to make use of published academic papers, journals articles, conference papers etc. that can be located via Middlesex e-learning
• You must provide a minimum of eight relevant academic references for your essay
• Thoroughly read your sources in order to gain an understanding of the topic and paraphrase the materials you want to include in your essay.
• Your final work must acknowledge the sources you obtained the information from, by using the Harvard referencing system. This needs to take place in text
and a full list of references must be provided at the end

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