A Good Man Is Hard To Find by O Connor

A Good Man Is Hard To Find by O Connor 600-800 words in length (that’s 3-4 pages)

A Good Man Is Hard To Find by O Connor
A Good Man Is Hard To Find by O Connor

Typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins; use MLA formatting for a formal paper for header and page numbers.
The paper must have a descriptive title (which is not “Character Analysis”).
The paper must have a unified organization and use specific evidence from the text—both direct quotes and paraphrasing to support your ideas. Cite page numbers for both quotes and paraphrases.
A successful paper will briefly summarize the character and story in addition to in-depth analysis.
NO RESEARCH ALLOWED FOR THIS ESSAY. This analysis should be solely your own reading of the text.
Read “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” by Flannery O’Connor and the character I chose is the grandmother.
Questions to consider
What major conflict(s) does the character face?
Does the character change over the course of the story? How? Why? What brings about this change?
How is the character described? Are there details in addition to visual ones? How does the character’s sense-based description relate to his or her character?
What are the character’s values? How does the character’s behavior reflect these values (or not)?
How does the character relate to other people? How do these relationships affect the character?
Is the character likable? What tone does the narrator take toward the character? Does this matter?

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