A Leading Strategic Decision Making

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Leading Strategic Decision Making
Leading Strategic Decision Making

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Leading Strategic Decision Making Sample Answer

Leading Strategic Decision-Making

End of Module Coursework Assessment

 This graded assessment accounts for 90% of your final grade and comprises two separate assessment exercises: Part A & Part B which are both weighted equally at 45% of your final grade.

You need to use this cover sheet for your assignment.


In Part B, we require you to write an essay on the following topic.

Essay Topic:

Roe (2014) argues that according to the leader-member exchange theory, followers who experience high quality relationships with the leader are in receipt of higher tangible rewards, such as pay, bonuses and more challenging assignments.

Critically assess whether leader member exchange theory provides an effective framework for assessing the relationships between leaders and followers.

Marking schedule for Part B:

10% of marks are allocated to the presentation of the essay. The student’s work should be typed with the lear use of paragraphs and headings. Typographical and spelling errors should be avoided.

10% of marks are allocated to appropriate referencing of content. Students should familiarise themselves and make use of the Harvard referencing system and should cite and reference material properly. Students should make use of a range of resources (books, journal articles etc) and the literature used should be appropriate to the arguments made.

60% of marks are allocated to the analysis presented in the essay. Students should examine appropriate theoretical concepts and frameworks. Students should demonstrate an awareness of the wider context and present an in-depth discussion of current issues. Better students will demonstrate critical analysis skills and communicate their arguments in a clear and coherent manner.

20% of marks are allocated to the conclusions drawn. The conclusions should identify the key themes or issues under consideration.  Conclusions should be well supported from the analysis and highlight the significance of arguments, evidence and insights

 Leading Strategic Decision Making Guidance Notes on Part B

You must refer to relevant literature throughout the essay. This can be in the form of textbooks, journal articles, or relevant web-based material. Student are directed in particular to the following databases which they may find useful in developing their essay:

  • Emerald
  • ABI Inform Complete (Proquest)
  • Ingenta
  • Science Direct
  • Sage Online, In particular, the following journals may be helpful to you in relation to the prescribed topic:
  • Leadership Quarterly (Available on Science Direct)
  • Leadership and Organisation Development Journal (Available on Emerald)
  • Team Performance Management (Available on Emerald)
  • Journal of Management Development (Available on Emerald)
  • Group and Organisation Management (Available on Sage Online)

You may wish to refer to relevant theory or you may wish to cite relevant research or examples to support your arguments. Remember all material cited must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing system. Also please refer to the University guidance notes on the avoidance of Plagiarism.

Please remember to structure your essay appropriate. You should use headings – and include an introduction, main body and conclusion/recommendations sections.

While we do not specify a particular number of references/citations to be included, you should include at least a minimum of 15 different citations/references from books and journal articles in your essay.

Please answer the topic posed. Your essay should NOT be a summary of leadership theories. You need to specifically address the topic and question posed.

Minimum Essay Length: 2000 words

Maximum Essay Length: 2500 words

Aside from the reference list, your essay (Part B) should not include any appendices.

Please note that whilst the submission deadline is Friday 29thAugust at 11.59pm (UK time), you are free to make your submission at any time before this date. You do not need to wait until this day, or the day before or the week before.

Important Note:

Please ensure that Part A and Part B are submitted as separate documents. The documents should clearly be marked Part A and Part B and your matriculation number and module code should be clearly marked on the submission.

Coursework Assessment Feedback

Matriculation No. Date of Submission:
Module: Leading Strategic   Decision-Making
Part B: Essay Cohort:


Category                      Comment

Presentation of the essay. Clear use of paragraphs and   headings and the text is free from typographical and spelling errors.



Referencing   of content. Consistent use of Harvard Referencing throughout the essay with   adequate citation support for arguments being made.










Comprehensive   examination of appropriate theoretical frameworks and models. Strong   arguments presented with critical insights and good communication skills in   evidence.




Clear   identification of key themes and issues. Synthesis of core arguments and   formulation of insights and recommendations as appropriate




General Comments:


Overall Grade: Marker:

N.B. the percentages are shown as indications of the relative importance of each section and should not be taken as a precise indication of the marking scheme.

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