Activist or an Advocate Gratitude Letter

Activist or an Advocate Gratitude Letter Honoring those who have come before us and recognizing women’s contributions is paramount to understanding the world as we live in it today. You will pick one feminist activist or advocate and write a gratitude letter addressed to her.

Activist or an Advocate Gratitude Letter
Activist or an Advocate Gratitude Letter

Your letter should give background information about the activist/advocate, describe any struggles they may have encountered and how they overcame adversity, and their accomplishments/contributions to human rights. Your letter should also include a personal reflection of how this person’s contributions and achievements affect your daily life and the world as you understand and experience it. This letter should clearly show what you learned about the individual, while personally reflecting on the impact their work has had on the micro (individual) level, meso (community) level, macro (national) level, and global level (if applicable).

This will require researching the individual and citing scholarly, accurate sources in APA format. The last page(s) of your letter should be a list of the references used (minimum 2). Note: WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A SCHOLARLY SOURCE. ANYTHING ENDING IN .com WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS A SCHOLARLY SOURCE. For information about how to use APA, please visit Owl Purdue. Letters should be 2-3 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1” margins.

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