Alcohol Advertising and Underage Drinking

Alcohol Advertising and Underage Drinking Critically evaluate any evidence that seems to indicate that alcohol advertising and promotion is a contributory factor in the initiation and maintenance of underage drinking please read the instructions carefully:

Alcohol Advertising and Underage Drinking
Alcohol Advertising and Underage Drinking

1. do read the uploaded files before u write ( including lecture slides and relevant articles given by the course lecturer)
2. try your best to link the essay with the course material ( extract relevant materials or theories from the lecture slides as much as possible)
3. writings should be academic and evidence-based!
4. How to write a good essay ?
-The writing should be clear and descriptive
-Claims should be evidence-based
-There should be an argument with systematic evaluation of the evidence both for and against
-Recognise you’re communicating with someone
-So tell the reader what you’re going to do
-Do it i.e. tell a good story
-Summarise, draw conclusions, and (if possible) indicate future developments
5. details to cover in the essay
– Where is this evidence – how do we evaluate the evidence – how was it obtained?
– Do we know how powerful advertising is in other areas?
– How might alcohol advertising work with children?
– Is there a difference between the processes of initiation and maintenance?
– What are the other sources of influence on children and young people?
– Are young people particularly susceptible to certain types of advertising content or presentation style?
– Is there a lot of alcohol advertising that might appeal to young people?
– What are the regulations on the content of advertising?
6. no plagiarism ( essay will be submitted through Turnitin)
7. do check the messages frequently
8 you can access to e-resource ( e-journal, e-book) using my online account. please contact me using the msg system so that i can give u the account name and

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