Alternatives of Ritalin for Children with ADHD

Alternatives of Ritalin for Children with ADHD Please write a research paper for the above topic (must 11 or +pages) and an annotated bibliography (3or +pages).

Alternatives of Ritalin for Children with ADHD
Alternatives of Ritalin for Children with ADHD

I’ve attached the previous research paper (which was 7 pages) and formal research proposal paper; both of them were written by you, a link page (with more helpful source) and PDF files to help your research. Although I’ve provided those link to help you, please do research from your end. But make sure you used at least 10+ scholarly sources where should two sources are book and it is 11+ pages long (which will be longer version of the previous 7 pages one).I’ve also attached direction paper to write that annotated bibliography.

Alternatives of Ritalin for Children with ADHD Important Suggestions

My main and really important suggestion from the first research paper (7pages one) is that you should revise your research for this paper about following things
1: Thesis could be more specific (Last sentence of first paragraph in page 2) instead of saying ”what alternatives” if you can specify like this “This paper seeks to explore why Ritalin is not effective drug for the treatment of ADHD in children and instead we should use ………..(diet, behavior ) as an alternatives.
2. Discussion about ADHD at the beginning is too long. Please cut the last paragraph about three different types of ADHD on page 3. Because this paper about the drug and why is not that good , the way it’s supposed to be.
Another thing you can talk about is that why there is so much reliance on Ritalin? Like , why children with ADHD are treated with Ritalin first ? Is that because of pharmaceutical industries? or is that general American culture? It should be where you talks about Ritalin.

Alternatives of Ritalin for Children with ADHD Guidelines

3. Next organization could be improved. On page 3 where you talked about Ritalin seems to be unfocused. Stronger topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph could help. Stronger sentence at the beginning of the paragraph makes the point of the paragraph.
4. On page 4 where you mentioned about abuses of Ritalin you should be more clear like children whoever uses Ritalin, later on they starts abusing it.
5. On citation cite more thoroughly .In the paper there should be lot of citation. On reference page follow OWL APA style because my professor prefer that one. You Google OWL APA style to learn about that.
6. also try to discuss more about alternatives with strong evidence. You talked about diet as an alternative but there should be more proof. try to prove that alternatives are affective and healthy.
7.RITALIN AND CHILDREN is a broad topic so title / running head should be ALTERNATIVES OF RITALIN FOR CHILDREN WITH ADHD.
Direction for Annotated Bibliography:
Only in this case instead of mentioning about book references please try to use New York Times, PUBMED , NCBI such scholarly sources


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