An Advocate for US Public Schooling

An Advocate for US Public Schooling  Choose and respond to ONE essay topic from the list below. (Include relevant references to course readings and materials in your essay.)

An Advocate for US Public Schooling
An Advocate for US Public Schooling

Minimum 6 pages, no limit; 12 font; double-spaced.

  1. Write a dialogue between an advocate for US public schooling and an opponent of US public schooling in which at least 3 of the main issues read about and discussed in this class are debated. Each participant in the dialogue will be a spokesperson for a range of ideas, whatever serves to advance his/her basic position.

As you write the dialogue, draw on the strongest ideas and arguments that we have discussed in the course. Wherever relevant, you can include your own responses and arguments, but remember to stay focused on relevant course content and include direct quotes/references.

Note: The point of the dialogue is not to have a clear victory for one side or the other; rather, the point is to engage and represent the issues in an active and critical manner.

  1. Neo liberalismisanideologythatpermeateshowweviewtheworldandour relationships with each other. It frames the “system” in which we function in 2018. We can make ‘small changes’ within the system but critical thinking about the system is next to impossible given the barrage of “ideological management” of the media and ideologies reproduced in institutions such as schools.

Respond to the following in essay form. Reference at least 3-course readings. Should teachers conform to the status quo of the educational system or should they work to resist (and change) the system? How might a teacher resist? Should there be limitations on teacher resistance? Explain. How would you live your life as a teacher in this highly controlled system?

Note: also use the following terms in your essay: MICRO – individuals’ lives; individual institutional culture

MACRO – The “system” defined by the ideology of neoliberalism (market-driven, cost-effective, profit goals over the concern for best in the public interest) and privatization over public institutions that serve the public and promote


  1. What is the relationship between schooling, democracy and citizenship?

In your essay, reference at least 4 of the following topics: –common core standards–privatization–corporatization –tax cuts for the wealthy –meritocracy — tracking —standardized testing–class size–teachers’ unions –school attendance — achievement gap –poverty myth–health and wellness school initiatives–school-to- prison pipeline—the right for teachers to be armed–diversity initiatives–patriotism– disproportionate number of black students in Special Education programs–universal preschool–school reform–images of “good” teacher–the use of technology in the classroom–the right to education in a global context—common curriculum–zero tolerance policies.

  1. Some would argue that the current public school system in the USA is dangerously “broken”.

If you agree, explore the question: is this a social accident or an example of social engineering created and sustained by neglect, racism, greed, experience and other factors? Explain. Examples.

If you disagree, make a case against the assumption, arguing that public education in the US is not failing. Explain. Examples.

  1. Rank the following goals (purposes) of public schooling from the most to the least important and explain your ranking:

Goals: Historical, Political, Social, Economic, Moral.

In your essay also respond to the following question and reference at least 3-course readings: Should schools be attempting to change the values, beliefs, and ideologies that structure the society or should school reproduce the thinking, world view and demands of the powerful (elites) in society? Explain. Examples.


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