Applied Research in Psychology AntiMarijuana Campaign

Applied Research in Psychology AntiMarijuana Campaign Scenario 4: Anti-Marijuana Campaign

Applied Research in Psychology AntiMarijuana Campaign
Applied Research in Psychology AntiMarijuana Campaign

You have been asked to create ideas for an awareness campaign to prevent teenagers from using marijuana. Consider ideas that have a chance to attract adolescents’ attention. What does the research say about prevention?

Possible theories:

Behavioral theory.

Psychoanalytic theory.

Possible sources:

Crano, W. D., Alvaro, E. M., Tan, C. N., & Siegel, J. T. (2017). Social mediation of persuasive media in adolescent substance prevention. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 31(4), 479?487.

Alvaro, E. M., Crano, W. D., Siegel, J. T., Hohman, Z., Johnson, I., & Nakawaki, B. (2013). Adolescents’ attitudes toward antimarijuana ads, usage intentions, and actual marijuana usage. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 27(4), 1027?1035.

Possible search terms:

Drug use prevention, a media campaign (use in combinations in the PsycArticles Library Guide or PsycInfo Library Guide).

Apply a foundational psychological theory to address a current problem. State the problem you identify in your scenario and explain how your chosen theory relates to this problem.

Apply findings from scholarly research to your problem. Explain how the findings relate to your problem.

Describe the scientific research methods outlined in the scholarly research articles you will apply to the problem.

Sources of information must be professional (such as your textbook) or scholarly (original research studies, preferably within the past five years). If you use popular media sources to provide practical application examples in your final paper, then these are supplemental to your three professional and scholarly sources, and should not be summarized here for your Unit 8 work.

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