Barriers to Small Business Participation

Barriers to Small Business Participation Order Instructions: For this paper, the writer will concentrate on responding the points raise here below.

Barriers to Small Business Participation
Barriers to Small Business Participation

the paper must be a good structure in APA format and must clearly respond to all the points raised here using each point as a subheading to clearly show that he responded to them.

let’s talk more specifically about alignment. What is your definition of alignment?

How does alignment connect to your hook, anchor, general, specific, question, and hypothesis?

What is the thread maintained throughout the statements?

always remember that the topic for the study is “EFFECTS OF HRM PRACTICES ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE”

Barriers to Small Business Participation Sample Answer

Articulation of the problem statement is paramount and yet one of the trickiest parts of a doctoral study. According to Bublak (2013), a well-articulated problem statement is made up of four critical elements. That is a hook, anchor, and a well written separate statement that are aligned properly for congruency.

Alignment: Alignment means the logical progression of ideas between structural essentials such as the introduction, problem statement, research questions and the hypothesis of a dissertation proposal.

The connection between alignment hook, anchor, general and specific question, and hypothesis

In the research about “the effects of HRM practices on employee performance”, there is a logical flow of idea beginning with the general topic of identification of the factors that enhance the success of the business. The hook that creates interest for the general topic is that Human Resource Management practice is one of the key elements that contribute to better performance of the employees to the organization. The anchor whose purpose is to provide the need for the study is the notion that there is no uniform effect of the HRMP on organization performance because efficiency is dependent on organizational context. The specific question for the study is the effect to which individual and the total of the management practices in the government organizations affect performance.

The thread: The thread maintained throughout the statement is the effects of Human Resource Practices in government organization on employee performance.

Barriers to Small Business Participation References

Bublak, D.R. (2013). Barriers to Small Business Participation in the Federal Overseas Contracts and Subcontracts (Doctoral Dissertation). Available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 3599597)

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