Biology course Overview Questions

Biology course Overview Questions Answer the 4 Questions below, looking for 5-6 paragraphs total, although you are free to write more if you would like.

Biology course Overview Questions
Biology course Overview Questions

Make sure you give me the actual examples and thoughts you have in response to each question.
1) What is interesting about taking a Biology course?
2) Is there a practical application to understanding biology and the way science functions? Is there real-world example where the information could be useful to know?
3). Does Biology labs encourage us to think critically? Are they interesting and do you think that they have provided us with some benefit to how we think about the world?
4) There is a lot of work in Biology courses and they try to make it similar to something you would see in a higher-level course. Could it be helpful later on when we are taking harder courses to have taken a Biology course? Are we better prepared for a university now than we were before taken a Biology course?

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