Black People Stereotype and Analyzes

Black People Stereotype and Analyzes the Rhetorical Techniques Write a rhetorical analysis essay that examines and analyzes the rhetorical techniques such as ethos, pathos.

Black People Stereotype and Analyzes
Black People Stereotype and Analyzes

logos, figurative language as well as any logical fallacies the author uses to argue his/her claim. use the source that I gave you at the bottom of this page to support your analysis of your essay as it relates to your topic.

  1. must have a background giving lead-in to provide context.
  2. have a thesis sentence that provides context.
  3. provides at least one direct quotation per example. This includes Ethos, pathos, Logos, Figurative Language, and Opposition
  4. Accurately and specifically identifies the rhetorical technique does(often in one sentence).

5. Do not double dip with the quotes (do not just provide two examples of repetition, alliteration, connotative diction, etc. but gives some variation of technique and explains how both work together to achieve an effect on the reader)

6 Do not begin or end with quotes.

7 Clearly summarizes the thesis including the rhetorical techniques and their respective effects

The topic to write on is – black people stereotype

Choose an article that will support your rhetorical analysis essay (only one article).

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