Chambliss and Schutt Making Sense of the Social World

Chambliss and Schutt Making Sense of the Social World Article Critique

Read through the set of questions below, then refer to your class notes and Chambliss and Schutt Making Sense of the Social World (MSSW) to make sure you understand the concepts mentioned in the assignment questions before starting your article review.

Chambliss and Schutt Making Sense of the Social World
Chambliss and Schutt Making Sense of the Social World

Pertinent chapter numbers from MSSW are given at the end of each question.

Chambliss and Schutt Making Sense of the Social World

Read the slides about random sampling, randomization, and response rate (attached below) to review those concepts and definitions, which you will need for the questions for this assignment.

Read the article with an eye to those questions. NOTE: Authors do not always flag these concepts using the terms mentioned below. Look for the ideas, some of which you will have to figure out yourself based on information in the article.

If you think that the author omitted information needed to answer one of the questions below, state that in your answer to that question, and comment on the implications of not having that information on a reader’s ability to trust the conclusions of the study.

Chambliss and Schutt Making Sense of the Social World Required elements

Please make sure that your name is in the header of the document

As the first item in your document, type the APA citation for the article you reviewed. (Note there is information missing in the citations below. That is purposeful; do not just copy the citations below)

For each of the questions below, type the question number, a sentence or two explaining your answer, using the pertinent research methods concepts and terminology, the page number(s) of the article on which you found the information to answer the question.

Chambliss and Schutt Making Sense of the Social World

  1. What was the main research question for the study? Try to state it in just one sentence that mentions the key independent and dependent variables.(Chapter 2)
  2. What was the design of the study? Was it cross-sectional or longitudinal? If longitudinal, how many rounds and at what dates or intervals? (Chapter 2)
  3. Did the study involve a true experiment or was it an observational study? (Chapter 6)
  4. How was the study sample selected? Was a probability sampling method used? If not, what method was used to draw the sample? (Chapter 5)
  5. Describe the study sample, specifying
  6. When (dates)
  7. Where (location from which the sample was drawn)
  8. Who (Were all elements in that time and place eligible for inclusion in the study, or was it restricted to specific subgroups? If subgroups, which ones?)
  9. How many respondents at baseline
  10. Response rates (Chapters 5,7)
  11. What was the response rate, reported as a percentage of those the authors selected for the study?
  12. Does it appear likely that those who did not respond or participate were markedly different from those who did participate? If so, in what ways?
  13. Did the author(s) adequately discuss the issue of differential non-response?
  14. If the study was longitudinal, also report attrition rate (loss to follow up).
  15. What were the one or two main findings of the study? HINT: These should be directly related to the main question of the study (see your answer to question #1). Often they are summarized in the abstract to the article and/or the conclusion section.
  16. Did the authors think the sample was generally representative of the population from which it was drawn? (Chapter 5)
  17. Did the authors generalize the findings to other populations? Do you think their generalizations were justified based on their study design? Why or why not? (Chapter 5)

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