Changes that occurred in European Society

Changes that occurred in European Society in the 14th through the 17th centuries in areas of art

Changes that occurred in European Society
Changes that occurred in European Society

For Tuesday, our learning objectives are related to our understanding of the changes that occurred in European society in the 14th through the 17th centuries in areas of art, religion, politics, and science. We will be able to identify the major historical figures related to these periods and be able to indicate the consequences of the changes in European culture, science, and religious beliefs. Remember, your main post should be a minimum of 350 words, and the one peer response should be 150. be sure to cite: When writing the SLO essays, you will be asked to cite material we have read. I’ll be looking to make sure you have included quotes. The following video is a helpful tool for citation styles.

OPTION A: After having read the section of chapter one in our text on the renaissance, discuss the development of Italian Renaissance art. Describe and discuss the art and literature of the Italian Renaissance and identify in that discussion at least one of its notable figures. Then, define and discuss humanism. How does this intellectual development relate to the art and the religion of the renaissance? What was a consequence of the new developments of the renaissance for art and religion? I am looking for at least 350 words for your main entry. Be sure to respond to the entries of one other student (150 words each).

Also, please read the data at these links:

Option B: Using the data from your book and defend the thesis (argument) that the work of Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo shattered the ancient Ptolemaic view of the universe and forever altered the ways in which people viewed the universe and themselves. In the course of your defense of my thesis, discuss the contributions of Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo. How did their views differ from older established views of the universe? Who do you think made the most contribution and why? Who took the greatest risk and why? What group/institution resisted the new view of the universe and why? Don’t forget, please respond to 1 other person

OPTION C: Using this web site,, and the data from our text, defend the argument that Martin Luther’s critique of indulgences challenged the power of the Pope and called into question the power of the Catholic Church. In your entry also discuss what indulgences were and indicate how Luther’s critique expanded over time to include more aspects of Catholic worship. Then compare and contrast his reform agenda with that of John Calvin. Finally, what were the consequences of the Protestant reformation for the Catholic Church and European society in general? Don’t forget to respond to 1 person.

Option D: This is an option I created a few summers ago for those interested in military and political history. The chapter discussed wars of religion but suggested that there were other political motives involved in the outbreak of these wars. As you read through the chapter, what stood out for you in regards to how Kings or other rulers developed and used the military to enhance their political power. Do you see how religion could be used to justify war, exile, and the consolidation of wealth by kings during this time period (provide examples)? How might these actions have paved the way for global conflicts? France is a great example and this website is good:, but you may discuss Russia, Spain, or England using educational sources of your own choice.

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